National Eating Disorders Association

Now that you have chosen a treatment provider, here are some helpful questions you might want to consider asking in your first meeting. Remember that at any time during treatment, you can raise questions and consult your treatment provider regarding areas of concern.

  1. What is the diagnosis?
  2. What treatment plan do you recommend?
  3. Will you or someone else conduct the treatment? If someone else, does that person work for you or would this be a referral? Will you supervise the treatment or who is the team leader?
  4. What other professionals will you be collaborating with during the treatment?
  5. Is a physician an integral part of the team?
  6. What are the alternative treatments?
  7. What are the benefits and the risks associated with the recommended treatment? With alternative treatments?
  8. What will be the sequence of treatment strategies?
  9. Are there any physical complications of the eating disorder that need to be treated?
  10. Are there any associated psychiatric disorders that will need to be treated?
  11. What role will family members or friends play in the treatment process?