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Questions about hormone restoration and what's working exactly

I have struggled with EDS most of my life- once or twice in high school and then most of college and since. It was at it's worst my last year of college; I dropped to point where I am lucky to be alive now. I restored my set weight and got my period back, but I have still struggled with this and other aspects of the illness still. I tend to get my period now but it is often late- by 3-3.5 weeks sometimes- and often light. I control numbers, can't eat at restaurants, exercise excessively, and so on. I feel like some of my hormones might not be fully working; I never got the same level of desire back after the biggest weight loss, despite the weight recovery. Could it be that this borderline or somewhat inconsistent weight is still affecting my hormones, sexual desire, etc., or is it more of a psychological thing, or both? I am not sure what "works" and am worried that I won't ever be able to get these things back.

Hey Shaina28, have you talked

Hey Shaina28, have you talked to a doctor about any of this? I'm not exactly sure what impacts hormone levels and I do think both weight and psychological stress can play a role, but this can be different for every individual. Recovery is definitely a difficult road that is full of ups and downs, but there are professionals that can help us stay on the path. Do you have a counselor or dietitian that you see? If you need help finding resources, here's a good link to search for different kinds of treatment providers:

See your gynacologist MD and ask them

This sounds both hormonal as well as ED-NOS related too. Your late almost a month periods sound like mine.

The delay is usually from both lifestyle changes, stress, nutritional changes, and also whether you are sexually active or not could also be a slight possibility of why periods are that late monthly.

So see a woman's specialist and ask these questions. Mine tested me every 6 months for a bunch of blood work ups like creatinine, hormone levels, proteins, etc???Oh, I also had a tad of ovarian fibroid s which also led to more menstruation delays and heavy bleeding when they did arrive finally.

That's another thing that was checked regularly w/ sonograms w/ my former gyny Dr....My new 1 could care less???

Then got a new Dr and haven't even met w/ her yet just her covering physician for a new pap which is stressful in itself for me personally...
Good luck in your recovery to full health and wellness