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Question I thought someone might be able to help-Standardized Test


I am recovering from anorexia. I have a question I thought someone here might be able to shed light on.

I am studying for the State Bar Exam. This is several days of testing with no break and no food allowed in the testing area.

I apologize if this is triggering for someone but part of my food issues from the past have to do with people regulating when I could eat.

I don't know how I am going to do 4 hours of testing with no break and no access to food or water.

I was thinking of having my therapist request a break during the 4 hours. Does anyone here have experience with making such a request for a standardized test?

Thank you for your assistance.


Ask your therapist

While I haven't had direct experience with this sort of situation, I think you had the right idea. I think asking your therapist to request a break is a great idea. Surely the testing people can be accommodating. I am sure they have had to deal with accommodations before. Try not to stress it too much. I think they would be very understanding if your therapist talked to them. Keep us posted! Hope things work out!!

Thanks I will keep everyone

Thanks I will keep everyone posted.

Hi DSTEELE14, I was doing

Hi DSTEELE14, I was doing some research on this and I'm not sure which state you are taking the test but for example for New York State, you can apply officially for accommodations for the test prior to your test date. Here is the link to the NY State handbook for such accommodations:
I'm sure you can find a similar guideline for your state as well. I hope this helps!



Special Disabled Persons Accomodations

At least here in the USA they have an area on the paperwork you must fill out during the reg process which has a ?

towards the end of all The Red Tape which asks whether "You will require any special Accommodations" during the test.

When I took a test I requested to be seated in an area well ventilated w/ oxygen or free flowing air or the site room have an ac system in use during testing. But the reg paperwork will ask you to explain if you chose the Other choice for accommodations on the reg paperwork.

If not, I am sorry to hear how rigid the testing process can be.

I wish you the best of luck, and Something to look Forward to passing and Moving Forward with your life and ALL its Positive aspects as well.



I'm a lawyer

Though it's been a number of years since I took the Bar. As I recall, there is a lunch break. I think we were allowed to have water but I'm not sure. Honestly, the test was so stressful ( in many ways ) but in terms of not running out of time and finishing. So, the time passed quickly. In terms of asking for a break, I don't know how that would work since it's a timed test. But , you should still ask about it