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putting it to words

I want to be able to tell my parents about my eating disorder but I am not sure whether I can even put it to words. I want to be able to get help, but don't know if people will believe me if I can not even describe what is going on with me.

I know it's scary, but you can do it!

Hi Swimgirl!

I am very proud of you for wanting to tell your parents about your ED. I remember very well how scary it can be. The fear that someone won't believe us is very normal. One of the things I suggest is having information to give them when you decide to tell them. It can be very hard to express what exactly is going on, so here are some resources to help you. You can use them to guide the conversation, but you can also print them up and hand them to your parents when you sit down to chat. It will help them grasp what is going on.

After you tell them, your next step will be to get professional help. NEDA can help you find help in your area. Let us know how this conversation goes and Good Luck! You’ve got this!

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