National Eating Disorders Association

Program Associate
Position Summary: 

Location: New York, NY

Currently accepting applications for fall 2017!

Position Summary/Objective:

The Programs department is looking to increase awareness about eating disorders and community engagement.

Primary Responsibilities:

1. Research

  • With guidance and mentoring from the Program Associate, assist in researching and contacting organizations, universities, and wellness centers to partner with NEDA on activities such as NEDAwareness Week.
  • With guidance and mentoring from the Program Associate, conduct research on outreach and partnership activities and  opportunities, constituent needs, and opportunities to reach new communities/groups.
  • Learn how to create a template for tracking information pertaining to different outreach targets.
  • Participate in department meetings to increase knowledge and understanding of community outreach and partnership in a non-profit organization.
  • Opportunity to shadow NEDA staff in developing awareness campaigns, establishing relationships, and implementing outreach initiatives.

2.  Community Engagement

  • With close supervision and training from Program staff, learn how to draft sample communications to established and new partners about opportunities for collaboration.
  • Opportunity to learn/refine communication skills to increase community awareness and partnerships.
  • Share ideas for growth and future program planning.

3. Campus Focused Content

  • Identify areas of NEDA site/materials that are lacking information for college students/families
    • Coordinate with supervisor to identify whether missing content could be filled in to existing resources, should be a separate resource, or could be addressed in a blog post.
    • In collaboration with supervisor, conduct outreach (such as surveys, phone calls, interviews or focus groups) with students, parents, and campus adminIstrators about priorities and needs.
  • With guidance from supervisor, identify content areas that can be drafted by college students, by parents, by staff, and experts (such as clinicians, college counseling center staff, campus administrators or staff, professors etc). Then collaborate to identify individuals to reach out to for input including those NEDA already works with, as well as opportunities to engage new people.

Training/Support Provided:

Volunteers will be trained at NEDA by the Program Associate. Training includes general knowledge about eating disorders, the programs and services NEDA offers, and the importance of engaging diverse populations through various mechanisms such as social media, community outreach initiatives, and educational programming. Volunteers should expect to strengthen their current knowledge and talent when getting involved with NEDA.


Volunteers will have the opportunity to shadow and be closely supervised by staff members. It is anticipated that the volunteer will have a greater understanding of raising awareness about mental health in a non-profit setting through awareness campaigns and community outreach. The volunteer will have the opportunity to meet with the Program Associate for supervision meetings in an effort to strengthen the volunteer’s professional development.

Required Qualifications:

  • High energy, positive attitude, and enthusiasm.
  • Meticulous attention to detail and strong organizational skills.
  • Excellent communication skills and demonstrated ability to provide quality customer service.
  • Strong computer skills, data entry and word-processing ability.
  • Must be dependable and self-motivated.
  • Able to work effectively as an individual and as part of a team.
  • Recovery is important to us here at NEDA. We require that applicants with personal experience who are interested in getting involved with the National Eating Disorders Association have two years of strong recovery due to the intense and triggering nature of this position.