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I was listening to the radio today and heard something that I found disturbing because I know what some of our brains can do with it. The spot was a little devotional minute type thing and they were talking about how you should treat reading the Bible like eating spiritual food. That's okay in itself. I get what they are trying to say. However, their tagline was no Bible no breakfast, no read no feed. Somebody with an eating disorder could take that as an excuse not to eat. Heck Kirk Cameron's own sister struggled with bulimia for years so he of all people should be sensitive to the tricks our minds can play on us. We should let them know that they need to be very careful how they put things.

Thanks for sharing! I agree

Thanks for sharing! I agree with you - sometimes commercials or advertisements that have a tagline such as that can be triggering or offensive to a person with an ED. Did you know that NEDA is very involved in trying to change the inappropriate influence from the media? You can fill out a form here documenting your concerns:
Keep up the good work!

Feeling ill

Since I started the partial hospitalization program (PHP) on July 14, I have been feeling ill and run down on the weekends. I have never ever been bulimic, purger or pill popper. I was eating before PHP, but restricting certain foods groups. I am now eating 100% of the meal plan. However, weekends I am feeling so ill and run down. I will talk to my nurse about it tomorrow, but was wondering what anyone else had to say.