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Parental Control

Hello everyone!
Do you use an parental control software for your computers?
Everyone know that you can blocked words like: sex, porn or violence but what do you think about ban texts like "skinny" or "diet" and of course all pro ana pages? When our kid wanna search something about eating disorders we'll don't allow her or him to see this. It's a good idea?

Computer Moderating

As someone who has suffered with anorexia in the past, I wish someone would have done that to my phone and computer. I would try to "trigger" myself. It could be very helpful.

Thanks a lot for your answear

Thanks a lot for your answear, I'm glad that you saw my post. I decided to do that to my daughter, she have problem with anorexia and I blocked some kind of words and pages. I know that PCWebControl, Net nanny or k9 are very nice and easy to use. Maybe another parents will see my message and it will help them and their kids.