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Parent of adult anorexic

This is my first time on a chat forum. My daughter is now 25 and has been struggling with this since 18yo. She lives with her boyfriend on the West Coast, far from us. She has had her ups and downs with this disorder but now i feel is in the worst place ever with it as she now has medical complications from it: osteoperosis, no period, sleep disturbances, and extremely underweight. She refuses to go into a residential program. She sees her therapist weekly, does a group too, and has just started seeing a nutritionist that she seems to like. Her endocrinologist told her that she has to put on weight ASAP. We've tried to talk up the benefits of trying a residential program and that this is a big undertaking to do herself with such sporadic support.

Hi maryf!

We are glad to hear that you're finding support here on the forums! However, your post was edited due to mentions of specific weight. Please feel free to review the community guidelines to help make this forum a safe place for all users:

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Hi maryf. I am so sorry to hear about the long struggles your daughter has had with ED. It must be so hard to know what it is doing to her health. It sounds like she is getting some help with a therapist, nutritionist and a group. Hopefully that will help, and perhaps she will get more help at a later date.
How are you doing? I am glad that you are reaching out in this forum. I know it has helped me so much, and I hope you can find support here and know that there are others who understand how you feel and the struggles that go along with ED.


Hi Maryf,

I've been following this thread- and just wanted to check in with you and see how your daughter has been doing, if there has been any progression in her seeking a residential program?

Praying for ya'll- please keep us posted! <3


Parent of adult anorexic

Hi Maryf,
I hope your daughter is doing better. Realize how helpless ou must feel. Thinking of you.