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I'm panicking. My husband is going to get a food I binge on for dinner or lunch. I want some but I know if I eat it I'm going to purge. I've already binged and purged today and I really don't want to do it again. I'm just so lost. What if I binge and then can't purge it all out. Then I will gain weight. Ahhh what do I do not eat

That sounds pretty stressful.

That sounds pretty stressful. Your ED seems like it's really loud around this type of food. I'm not a professional who could give you specific advice, but has your therapist given you any tools for handling these sorts of situations?...

I text my therapist and she

I text my therapist and she tried helping. I think it didn't help because my mind was already set that I had to purge. So I fail yet again.

keep going

Gotcha. Those powerful urges can feel impossible to resist sometimes. I'm proud of you for making the effort of reaching out to your therapist and on here. Definitely *not* a failure, but rather an example of your hard work and determination. Slip-ups are all part of this process- keep going! Don't give up!

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