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overt rejection

Hello. The battle with my sister rages on. For the first time in nine months, my sister went out with the family and drove with family to our nieces birthday. A few things happened First, my mom is very sensitive to real coffee. Caffeine will get her jittery and she won't sleep. So when at 6:30 when my mother wanted to drink real coffee I said don't come to me saying how you didn't sleep last night. In a joking way. My sister chimed in, I am not like (me) and I will listen to you anytime, Mom.

Then on the way home we were talking about cancer as my niece's ex family member is very ill and a friend of my mother's and mine has an aggressive form of it. So we were talking about how we are trying to fight it in the spiritual realm as the doctors do their thing. I mentioned the similarities to having an eating disorder and how I try to encourage those on this forum to ask God for help and to talk to the eating disorder and let it know healing can take place. To which my sister said people choose to starve themselves. All they have to do it eat. Well, you can imagine how I felt about that. Then my Mom comes to the rescue and said there is evidence that eating disorders may have physiological components. Then the conversation stopped on that topic.

Then, when we arrived home after 8:00, I unlocked the door to the house and held the door open for my sister. She said I've got it, go in. I said Mary, I have the door open just go in. This happened twice then she muttered insults under her breath at me and went in. Then today I was in the kitchen, and my roommate and I were going to Walmart. My sister avoided even seeing me by opening the garage door and went out to give the money to my roommate.

In my Bible study, we were studying on rejection. I've grown up with it from my sisters and am still experiencing rejection. Like trash. Trampled on.

We are supposed to be having a wedding. All the sisters, minus one, will be there and I am afraid to go. One good thing is that my Aunt/friend is going so I will hang with her.

I am sorry I went on and on. It is just so painful to being constantly rejected, hated and mistreated. I have my hands tied about what goes on in our house because she is sick and always gets what she wants. She isn't as sick as she wants to believe she is. I need to love her and forgive her but by golly it is tough. That is why I must depend on God to help me because I can not do it without Him.

So sorry

I am so sorry for what you're going through. I can relate because of how my relationship was with my parents. I was always more angry with my mom than dad because I only knew the drunk dad until he died. It's ok to be angry at the way your sister treats you. I'd be PISSED OFF if I were in your shoes.

You Have a Roomate?

Does this help you in your daily living and chores round the house? I thought you lived exclusively w/ the sister? Anyhow sorry to hear about the constant friction w/ that sister of yours. You stayed home when she went out w/ your parents?


Hello. :) If your sister cannot understand what an eating disorder is shouldn't be actually saying such things. Not only you should love them but they should love you! From my perspective she isn't that much empathetic. You're not a slave, you're a family member. If your sister can't show any sign of respect, I would do the same for a couple of days. It doesn't need to be drastic, just don't let her control your mind and emotions, otherwise you'll break down, if you aren't already.

Take care of yourself. :)


Just wanted to check in as well & say that I'm so sorry that things have been difficult with your sister. That must have been so upsetting to hear her comment about ED. It's unfortunate that some people just really don't understand and as much as we would like to, we can't make them get it. All I can say is continue to lean into God for patience and grace with your sister, and the strength to love her when she is continuing to mistreat you. We're here for you, keep us posted <3


Thank you. I have a mission filed right in my own house. I shared with her a desert and she gladly accepted it. I know how important forgiveness is and work with God's help to forgive amd be kind when I can.

How are you?How


Absolutely-- I can imagine it's so difficult but I know God will lead you & sustain you in this. I am hanging in there, going through a break-up which is difficult but I am feeling at peace about it overall and excited for the ways God is growing me in this season. Thank you for asking:)


Hi, I am sorry you are having a hard time with this and I hope that you will be ok. Lots of hugs.


Thank you very much London- I appreciate your kind words <3