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Hi! Has anyone overshot their set point by a large amount and had it naturally come back down? How long did this take? I have been in recovery for a year and a half. My weight is substantially over my set point and everyone keeps saying it will go back down but I just don't know when this will happen. I've been eating well for about a year now. My weight shot up and has been the same for eight months. How long until it starts to come off? Has anyone else had this happen?

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Hey wtmann321--yes, definitely. My first year in recovery I experienced similar weight gain and stayed in that range for almost two years. I eventually and gradually returned to my set point. However, it's also possible that your set point has changed in the aftermath of your ED, not only because EDs change the way our bodies understand themselves but also simply because you've gotten older.

I think there's probably no good answer to your question of how long it's supposed to take, since everybody's body is different and so is everybody's recovery plan. In the meantime, though, a year and a half in recovery is amazing and something you should celebrate! Besides the weight gain, how are you feeling about your accomplishments thus far in recovery? I know for me I had to reach a point where I was totally OK with weighing more, maybe for the rest of my life. When my weight started going down naturally after enough time in recovery, it was a total afterthought--I actually didn't even notice it was happening. My best advice would be focusing on not focusing on the weight...if that makes any kind of contradictory sense??

Thank you!

Hi! Thank you for responding! It seems not everyone goes through this so it's hard to understand what is going on! I began anorexia when I was 24. The set point they gave me is a little heavier then my pre-ed weight so we are taking into account a bit of a higher set point, but I'm still a substantial amount heavier then even that! It gives me hope that my body will settle down after a while and go back to a more comfortable weight for me.

Besides the weight I feel a lot better. It's great to eat again and not be in a constant fog! It's hard because I went from too thin to over weight so I'm just very uncomfortable, but like you I'm hoping it comes back down!

Thank you so much again for your response! It really helped me through another day!

re: Thank you!

Of course! Recovery can be really confusing and it's always good to hear that other people are experiencing the same things we are. You're never alone when it comes to EDs—someone else has definitely been through pretty much everything under the sun, haha. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling good about your recovery. Keep focusing on that feeling—that's what we're fighting for! And keep us posted if you please! :)


i am having the same issue i dont want to believe this is my set point , how does the body go back to the set point , do u naturally eat less or it just happens? i dont get it , will it go down with me eating the same ?