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Online Pro Ana Blogs

Is there anything that can be done in regards to taking down Pro-Ana websites? I know many have been taken down already, but there are still some out there. It disturbs me that someone can still find pro ana 'tricks and tips'.

Another thing that I have started noticing is on pinterest. This new phenomenon called Fitspiration. I do not feel comfortable with this. I feel as though it enables eating disorders just like pro-ana sites. The fitspiration pictures and websites and blogs focus on losing weight and creating that perfect body image. Is there anyone out there working on this?


I know what you mean, but to others its actually a motivation to achieve a HEALTHY lifestyle.
It gets really confusing at times... really it does..
Something that is harmful to us, may be inspiring to another person.
It all just seems so crazy that we are all wired a different way.
a fitspiration picture to me might make me act on behaviors or trigger stress and anxiety
to someone else, that same person might choose a healthy, nutritional meal instead of less healthy choice.

Regarding Fitspiration

Hi tuxedomck!

It is great that you are so in touch with your feelings regarding these posts. Awareness empowers us to make conscious choices and decisions. It is smart that you have decided to avoid these sites as you are right - many can be harmful. Others, like kayleigh91 said, may serve as motivation to make health-inspired choices. It may be most beneficial to focus on what is best for you, your health, and your bright and shining future!