National Eating Disorders Association

Stories of Hope

The Healthier, The Happier
By Alexis S


“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life we that is waiting for us”
People throw around the word eating disorder, way too much in today's generation. They don't understand the true serious mental illness that people live with every day that is destroying the lives of many victims. I used to be ashamed of my recovery, but now I stand proud, tall, fearless, and strong because I know I am one step closer than I was yesterday. It all started when I was 15, when I didn’t know the reality of what a true eating disorder was. I was a girl who had lost some weight and was full of joy, however until it took away the person I loved the most, myself. That was until a year ago, when I decided to get inpatient treatment. All I can say is that it saved my life only because I let it and truly wanted it. I know there are going to be ups and downs but in the end it is only going to make you stronger. It means that you are fighting that much harder. I never thought that the support from a community could help me as much as it did. I have hope for everyone struggling with an eating disorder. I met so many gifted and talented people who had so much determination that made me realize what life is really about. There are so many opportunities in the world and the beginning of your life can start whenever you want it to. If you feel alone, you aren’t. We are ALL worth recovery. Don’t ever let anyone or anything tell you otherwise. There is no living with this illness. IT IS NOT A LIFESTYLE. I have come to realize that we all have to follow what our heart wants us to do, because sometimes our minds will not do much good. Recovery has made me appreciate what I truly love and want. It is okay to have bad days, good ones, or even go up and down throughout the day; because it just proves you’re feeling and that’s what the eating disorder never wanted you to do. Recovery has taught me so much and I KNOW it can teach all of you something too. Each of us is SO STRONG, and I have hope that recovery is possible for all. It is true when they say your worst day in recovery, is better than your first day with the eating disorder. I know giving up control and handing it all to someone else is hard, but everyone can do it. If you let it, recovery will save your life and open the doors to opportunities you never thought were possible.

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