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Nice- I ask for help and this site deletes my post!

I take a lot of time to write my concerns for my girlfriend, and this site deletes my post. Wow- Thanks for your help.

Hey FourCees

Sorry to hear about your post being deleted. I think its probably a rare occurance for the moderators to delete posts whole-sale. Maybe it didn't abide by the community guidelines. They're here ( btw.
I've heard that they delete or edit content that could potentially be triggering; that's happened to me a few times.
I'd say give the guidelines another read and just make sure that you're posting in the right thread (which it looks like you are).

- Adage

Hi FourCees,

I just read one of your posts (titled "Are these early signs of an ED?", posted on Friday 6/24) in the Partners/Spouses of Sufferers forum. I'm not sure if that's the one you're talking about, but I was able to see it and it looks like some other people on the forum have responded to it. I'm not sure if there was a technical error or if your post was deleted by a moderator for some reason. I know there have also been some issues with spam on the forums lately so it's possible that your post was deleted by mistake as the moderators were dealing with the spam posts. Either way, we're all glad to have you here and I think it's so great that you're reaching out to find answers for how to help your girlfriend! Please continue to post here; we want to hear from you.