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Hi to all,
I just wanted to touch base and say I am feeling SOOOOO much better since coming off my one med. My therapist was amazed at the difference in me. No slurred speech, not falling over. My Mom says she saw it immediately. AND my blood pressure is going up!!!!!!! There will be a little contention at home with my Mom who wants me to take the med the doctor prescribed, but I don't think I need it and it is going up on its own. This week I will get checked out by me medical doctor and if the blood pressure is better I will be able to return to work!!!

I am taking an online defensive driving course and I really like doing it. I write a lot down and the first module I got two wrong answers so I had to take it again and scored 100%. The second module took over two hours to do and I scored 100% the first time. I have several more modules to do and then the test. I get three chances but with all that I am writing down I don't think I will have a problem.

Just wanted to share good news. Rearing up to going back to work. Imagine all this chaos that could have been prevented. But I believe God is in control and He doesn't waste anything. So I am continuing to trust Him even though I still have no car and am not driving. He is good and even during times of trial I know He is with me because before I would never have been able to be carless.

Hope you are staying recovery focused, not perfect but continuing to fight the destructive eating disorder. It is possible. I am in no way perfect in my recovery, I hate to cook and the greens, but the other day I took something from my dad's garage intending on using it but I thought again at the progress I've made and the voice I share with you guys and how far I've come and I didn't want to mess it all up for a few moments of whatever. I put it back unused. I did have a bad dream afterwards but it was good to wake up and know I am still here and didn't use. SO. I wish you all the best and a challenge to you: Say one nice thing to yourself about yourself that you haven't used before. Be kind and gentle with yourselves and always know, Hope is always there. Recovery is possible. Never forget that in your darkest hour.


That's great!!!

I'm really proud of you and your progress!!! Thank you for sharing what's going on. GOD is good :-).


Hi Iwanttolive,

Thank you for sharing! I am so glad to hear that you are feeling significantly better! And that your blood pressure is continuing to rise. I will be praying for positive feedback regarding going back to work- and that God would be preparing you for that! You are right-- in the midst of all that is messy and the chaos, all we can do is continue to trust in Him.

So proud of you for how far you have come & how you continue to grow! And thank you as always for your encouraging voice and presence on the forums <3


That is so great to hear i

That is so great to hear i really hope this is the answer you are very positive here on this forum and it is inspiring to hear how much faith you have and you are very strong and its great. keep fighting and i hope you keep getting better physically and are able to return to work soon.