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Nervous about starting outpatient treatment

Tuesday I have orientation for my outpatient treatment and Wednesday I start treatment. I'm nervous and overwhelmed . I want to do good and make sure I don't purge anymore. If anyone has any advice so I can relax and prepare for treatment please let me know .

Hi Peachgirl43!!!

Hi there!! It is AWESOME that you have agreed to start treatment!! It shows how willing and determined you are to fight the ED!!!! Remember, you are strong!!!!! Even when it feels impossible, as long as we fight the ED, we will win!!!

I think tonight and tomorrow you should treat yourself very gently and kindly! Is there a favorite activity you can do to help calm you? Would it be helpful if you got a pedicure tomorrow after orientation? Maybe you could start a recovery journal in which you write down your thoughts, it may help you identify your needs in therapy the next day!!

When I was starting treatment I would find a way to make things as fun as possible. I would draw a cartoon for each person I was in treatment with, and I would always try to keep positive. I know some of the girls I was in treatment with would knit or make bracelets during down time in treatment. Would you be able to do something hands-on that could help distract and relax you?

Remember!!! You will do awesome!! You are worthy and deserving of recovery and you have already made such great strides in your first steps in recovery!!!

Let me know if you need any help! You will do great tomorrow!!

Hi Peachgirl43,

Hi Peachgirl43,

I'm so glad to hear you're starting your outpatient treatment! I think michael26's suggestions are great - you should be proud of taking this step and treat yourself! Something else that might help is remembering that is it completely NORMAL to be nervous about starting treatment! If anything, it shows that you do care about getting better and are taking it seriously. Use this motivation for positive thinking too - a little stress can help you stay dedicated, but remember to be open each and every day. Recovery is typically full of ups and downs. Treatment is different for everyone so even though you might be nervous or have some off days, don't forget that you are strong and are taking steps in the right direction! You deserve to be in control of your life and be happy - don't let your ED ever take that away from you.

Wishing you all the best!

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