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need boost and a little help

so ive been in recovery for almost a month, thursday will be an exact month, i gained weight during this time period, at my worst i was in ketosis eating very little every day, then i fasted before my recovery, i was wondering if i can start losing weight or should i go hclf vegan instead, and should i exercise. please help im afraid im going to relapse. ive only been anorexic for 4 months

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Hi liztomlinson, your post has been edited to comply with our community guidelines: Please take a moment to review them, as well as our page on sharing your story responsibly: As you continue using the forums for support, be aware that users are not allowed to post any numbers, weights or calories, as this information could be triggering for other users. Please be mindful that this is a community for individuals who are committed to ED recovery, so this is not a place to post or find diet tips. Thanks for helping us keep this a safe space for everyone.


Hi Liz,

I apologize for the late reply to your post. Congratulations for beginning on your recovery journey- that is something to be so proud of! Unfortunately I am unable to give any direct advice in terms of weight restoration and meal plans- as no one here is a medical professional. Are you currently working with a professional? I think that meeting with a dietitian would be a really great way to get all of these questions answered regarding what to be focusing on in terms of diet and exercise. How are you feeling in general about beginning the recovery process? I know it is scary, but I want to encourage you that recovery is possible. And there is always hope. <3 Please keep us posted on how you're doing. Know that we are always here to listen!