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Thursday, February 21, 2019
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This is free telesummit (online video) of interviews with 17+ experts in the Eating Disorder and Perinatal Mental Health Recovery fields hosted by Dr Linda Shanti McCabe, author of The Recovery Mama Guide to Your eating Disorder Recovery During Pregnancy and Postpartum (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, release date February 21, 2019, available on amazon).

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Here (below) is an invitation.

Hi New Mamas,

• Is body image kicking your new Mom-butt?
(but you don’t want to talk about it because in recovery and you should be in body acceptance, body positivity and “shouldn’t be having any body image issues”)?

• Do you have a history of disordered eating, depression, or anxiety and you are afraid of relapsing?

• Are you struggling to find the right balance between making a plan, changing the plan, and throwing the plan out the window with:
-Labor and delivery
-Breastfeeding (or not)
-Figuring out how to sleep

As one new mom says to me every week “the struggle is real.”

When I gave birth, I had a doctorate in psychology, over a decade of experience treating eating disorders, and thirteen years of my own eating disorder recovery and early motherhood still leveled me.

I decided, when I was starting to come out of my own postpartum struggles, that I was going to BE a resource for other recovering moms. That’s why I wrote this book and created this telesummit: to be a go-to resource for the all mamas struggling with what I, and many other moms, struggled with alone. But you don’t have to!

We cover topics such as:

• Finding your Mother within
• How your body did not- and is not- failing you
• Grief, loss, and miscarriage
• How breast is sometimes but not always best
• How to nurture intuitive eating for kids
• Creating a world in which our kids are free from weight stigma.
• Perinatal care and empowerment for sexual assault survivors
• Body positivity vs body liberation and body acceptance
• Connections between eating and lack of sleep
• Pragmatic tools for moms deciding to go back to work (outside the home)
• Eating disorder relapse and recovery in motherhood
• Myths about motherhood (“You should feel glowing!”)
• How yoga can be a safe place to come into your body, no matter its shape/size
• Symptoms of perinatal OCD, Anxiety or Depression

Throughout these video interviews you will access information and inspiration (and decrease your isolation) by hearing from eating disorder recovery and perinatal experts.

This is a FREE online virtual event in which you get to watch the video interviews for 8 days. To register, go to

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