National Eating Disorders Association

Monday, February 22, 2021
The link to the show will be available for 48 hours starting at 6PM PST on Sunday Feb.21

Conflict Zone is an acclaimed one-woman show about recovery from an Eating Disorder and PTSD that takes the audience on a ride through laughter and tears. With a compelling story-line centering the (often underrepresented) perspective of a young woman from a conflict-ridden-area, the play presents the battle with an ED in a unique way—not falling into common, over-simplified stereotypes. Conflict Zone brings to life the journey of ED-recovery in a creative and relatable way, touching both those who have suffered from an eating disorder and those who know little about them. The show was written and informed by lived-experience and testimonials, combined with consultations with mental health professionals as well as research conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health.

For the 2021 NEDA awareness week we are holding a special, live-stream performance from the renowned Whitfire Theater in LA, as part of The Whitefire Solofest. Join us live on Sunday night6PM PST/ 9PM EST to kick off this year's NEDA week events. To accommodate different time zones and convenience the show will be up for 48 hours, so you can watch it Monday and Tuesday as well!

Leena Fridman