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NEDA walk a thon

Hi everyone, I am excited as I will be going on my third walk a thon on Saturday. My Mom will be going with me. I think my Dad may feel obligated to drive her but I am not sure. They both came to the other two. One we were freezing cold. Couldn't believe how cold it was. The other we had beautiful weather. I am excited because I am further into recovery and hope to be able to talk with others who are struggling and let them know there is Hope and that recovery is possible. I raised funds the last time but not this time as I just went on a walk several months ago so I donated some of my own money this time.

Have any of you been on a walk a thon? It is exciting. The walk, not a long one, meeting with people and sharing with them, and a recovered individual speaks and tells about her recovery. I hope to one day to be able to do that but one must be in recovery for two years. My day will come. I am so thankful to God for all He has done for me, sparing my life, giving me the parents He has. Even in the darkest days away from home many states away, I always knew He was with me and still is. You don't need to be in recovery to attend a walk. There are vendors, and NEDA staff. Jessica Hickman is the walk coordinator and she is so sweet and kind.

I hope you may one day go on a walk. There is a list of walks under get involved, so you can look there to see if any are happening in your area.

It is such a good feeling to not be afraid of food. To constantly weighing myself and basing my self worth based on a number. Now I can fully say I base my worth in what Jesus did for me by giving me life through His death and resurrection. I still get concerned about body image issues but it is 95% better. I had to go through my winter clothes and there were several pants that did not fit. I chose, I CHOSE to be okay with that, telling myself all the others fit and my roommate will give the ones that don't fit to someone in need. For me, it took an attitude change. A decision that after decades of suffering I didn't want that life anymore. I am nervous as I am turning 50 next month. I don't look my age at all and I don't have the life experience of people my age, but I have love, compassion and the ability to help others. I think that is more important although social situations remain difficult.

So, that is it for now. I wish you all a good nights rest. Take care, iwanttolive

I didn't always want to live, I begged God to take me home. Through the eating disorder I was hoping for death. But not anymore. Life was so painful and I was so depressed. I love the song, "I can see clearly now, the rain has gone..." I wish for all of you that you see that day, that you can say, wow, I never thought is was possible. But it is and it is possible for each one of you. I pray for Hope for all of you.


Yay- I bet you are so pumped for the Walk-a-thon in just a few days! I have been the last several years to the one in DC & always leave inspired by stories of hope, resilience, and just the unity of those who are dedicated to fighting ED. So consistently amazed by all that God is doing in & through you- and how He is going to use your story for His glory! Can't wait to hear how the walk goes <3

Thank you:))))

I am glad up had the opportunity to go on a walk. I am also excited to see how God is going to use me. I give Him all the glory and want only to be able to reach out to others with God's love. I have been prophesied over that I will be speaking to large groups of people about my experience and how I am overcoming it. God is using you too. He takes our pain and uses us to be able to have compassion on others and them knowing that we understand because we have gone through it, the people we talk to are much more able to hear. My Pastor said today that even he, a pastor, can't reach people the way others can if we haven't walked in their shoes. Since we understand we can have compassion and understanding and be able to share the Good News. God bless you and your night.



That's amazing! God is truly working all things out for our good & His glory. And absolutely-- we all walk through certain experiences & hardships to be able to speak into others lives in a way that only we can <3