National Eating Disorders Association

Date Headline Source
10/15/16 Penn State kicker Joey Julius opens up about eating disorder ESPN
10/14/16 Fasting could prevent ageing and transform your body, but it goes against everything we think of as healthy Business Insider Australia
10/14/16 These best friends got real about how they feel about their bodies and it's so powerful Hello Giggles
10/10/16 Joey Julius' Post About Binge Eating Disorder Reminds Us That Men Get Eating Disorders, Too SELF
10/07/16 Football Player Discusses His Binge Eating Disorder: Why It Matters Yahoo! Beauty
10/06/16 Donald Trump Thinks Insulting Women Is Wrong — Unless It's For "Entertainment" Value, Then It's Fine! Bustle
10/06/16 7 things you should know about this 'secret' eating disorder that's more common than anorexia Revelist
10/06/16 Binge Watch: Men like Penn State kicker Joey Julius suffer eating disorders, too  NY Daily News 
10/03/16 Penn State kicker Joey Julius opens up about struggles with binge eating disorder The Washington Post
9/30/16 8 Times Donald Trump Has Body Shamed Women Over the Years Women's Health
9/13/16 Study Says Men Feel Shamed Into Going to the Gym Yahoo! Style
9/08/16 In a September of Skinnies, Redbook Highlights Body Diversity Folio:
9/02/16 How Some Eating Disorders Are Hidden in Plain Sight ATTN:
9/01/16 Depressing Study Finds Even 3-Year-Olds Have Body Image Issues Huffington Post
8/30/16 Body Shaming and Eating Disorders  American Café
8/29/16 Spice Girl Geri Halliwell Reveals She Battled Bulimia Shape
8/28/16 Soylent’s Advertising Sounds a Lot Like Thinspo The Daily Beast
8/24/16 ‘Drunkorexia’ Deadly New Trend On College Campuses, Experts Warn WCBS
8/23/16 How to Tell the Difference Between Picky Eating and a Real Disorder ATTN:
8/23/16 Diet talk can give your kid an eating disorder  NY Daily News
8/19/16 McDonald’s Happy Meal Fitness Band Was Doomed From the Start Vice
8/18/16 What Drives the Connection Between Eating Disorders and Certain Sports? Yahoo! Beauty 
8/17/16  Binge Eating Disorder: How To Tell If You Have It? Men's Health 
8/11/16 Boys Struggle With Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues, Says Study Yahoo! Style 
8/11/16 When Working Out Becomes An Unhealthy Obsession SELF
8/10/16 I Think My Friend Has An Eating Disorder & I Don’t Know What To Do Refinery 29
8/3/16  Aerie’s New Body-Empowerment Campaign Uses Real Women as Models Yahoo! Style 
8/3/16 What It's Like to Have Anorexia While Pregnant Redbook 
8/2/16 How to Recognize Signs of an Eating Disorder NY Metro Parents 
8/1/16  6 Signs Your Gym Habit Could Be An Eating Disorder In Disguise SELF
7/29/16 Healthy Relationships With our Bodies, Food Oshkosh Northwestern
7/28/16 Why You Can't Tell if Someone Has an Eating Disorder Just by Looking at Them SELF
7/26/16 Confessions of a Food Addict: I Couldn't Stop Eating Today
7/21/16 EATING DISORDERS: Crippling, Deadly and Beatable Worcester Magazine
7/18/16 11 Myths About Eating Disorders That you Should Disregard Bustle
7/15/16 What Modeling Taught Me About Happiness The Huffington Post
7/14/16 Long Valley Native Leads Benefit to Fight Eating Disorders Observer Tribune
7/13/16 Dear Jennifer (And All Women)  The Huffington Post
7/12/16 Talk About Diabulimia, But Don't Teach It  A Sweet Life 
7/11/16 5 Things Mature Women Don't F*ck With The Huffington Post
7/8/16 10 Things You Should Never Say to a Friend With An Eating Disorder  Seventeen
7/7/16 Does Social Media Play a Role in Eating Disorders  Orlando Sentinel 
7/6/16 The 'Ab Crack'? Seriously? A History of Awful Body Trends Yahoo! Style
7/3/16 The Mental Health Crisis That Hits During Wedding Season ATTN:
7/1/16 Chewing and Spitting: The Eating Disorder No One Talks About Teen Vogue
7/1/16 We Don't Use the Word 'Skinny' In Our House The Huffington Post
7/1/16 Cyclist Riding Across Country for Eating Disorder Awareness Stops in Blacksburg WDBJ7
6/28/16 Demi Lovato Shared her Family History of Bulimia SELF
6/28/16 Taking Control of Eating Disorders Miami Herald
6/27/16 Demi Lovato Opens up About Battling Addiction & an Eating Disorder Refinery 29
6/25/16 Don't Ban Photos of Skinny Models  NY Times
6/24/16 Pretty Pretty Princess: Over Exposure to Disney Culutre May Affect Girls' Perceptions of Body Image  Medical Daily
6/23/16 How Pro-Anorexia Websites Exacerbate the Eating Disorder Epidemic Newsweek
6/23/16 Disspelling Myths on Eating Disorders and Healthy Eating  Stanford Medicine
6/22/16 Not East Nor West: On Asian-American Body Image Huffington Post
6/22/16 A Daughter's Wish to Defeat Eating Disorders Park Cities People
6/21/16 What it Feels Like to Have Binge Eating Disorder Everyday Health
6/17/16 Among Shelter Dogs, Finding the Strength to Fight Bulimia  CNN Health
6/16/16 Orthorexia: The Other Eating Disorder Quality Health
6/16/16 Long Valley Woman Survives Eating Disorders and Helps Others Observer Tribune
6/14/16 How to Make a Little Girl Question Her Worth  The Huffington Post
6/14/16 World Eating Disorders Action Day Takes Place The Pueblo Chieftan
6/13/16 Body Image: Life's too Damn Short to Dislike Your Body Greatist
6/13/16 London Mayor's First Order of Business? Ban Body-Shaming Advertisements Yahoo! Style
6/10/16 Treating Eating Disorders: The Significant Role of Parents in Combating Anorexia and Bulimia Parent Herald 
6/7/16 What Happens When Parents Comment on Their Daughter's Weight Yahoo! Beauty
6/7/16 Male Anorexia Often Goes Undiagnosed, Untreated Chicago Tribune
6/6/16 Miss California Reveals She was 'Endlessly' Body Shamed and Became Anorexic People
6/6/16 Blac Chyna Fights Body Shamers by Staying Ahead of the Hate Yahoo! Beauty
6/3/16 Why a Walk can Help Save a life of Someone with an Eating Disorder WIS TV
6/2/16 Keanu Reeves and More Join Together to Raise Awareness for Eating Disorders Little Things
6/2/16 This is How Not to Write About Disordered Eating The Daily Dot
6/2/16 Keanu Reeves and Lily Collins Share a PSA for World Eating Disorders Action Day TakeThis
6/1/16 Social Media Helps Fuel Some Eating Disorders USA Today
6/1/16 Keanu Reeves and Lily Collins Bring Attention to Eating Disorders in New PSA with To the Bone Cast People
5/31/16 Keanu Reeves and Other Stars Make Powerful PSA Supporting World Eating Disorders Action Day Huffington Post
5/31/16 America's Growing Problem  Outlook Magazine
5/26/16 Orthorexia: The Other Eating Disorder Quality Health
5/25/16 How my Diabetes Gave me An Eating Disorder Vice
5/25/16 When #Fitspo Hurts More than Helps  Seventeen
5/24/16 When Eating Healthy Becomes an Eating Disorder  Self
5/20/16 Exercise Addiction: How to Know if You've Crossed the Line Between Health and Obsession CommonHealth
5/18/16 Now Trending: Body-Shaming Pregnant Women  Yahoo! Style
5/18/16 8 Ways Your Body Reacts to a Binge  Reader's Digest
5/16/16 Frequent Use Of Social Media May Lead To Eating Disorder Tech Times
5/16/16 You Can Suffer From an Eating Disorder at Any Weight Huffington Post
5/12/16 Girls Don't Need Help Finding Their Inner Critics Dallas Morning News
5/12/16 How Fitness Helped These Women Overcome Eating Disorders Women's Health
5/12/16 Are Husky Guys Finally Having Their Moment? Yahoo!
5/10/16 The Comment ‘You’ve Lost Weight’ Might Do More Harm Than Good Self
5/5/16 Jules Wainstein Wants Opening up About Her Eating Disorder to "Be a Positive Thing" Bravo
5/5/16 Why The Real Housewives of New York's Jules Wainstein Went Public With Her Eating Disorder Battle E! News
5/4/16 Full House's Candace Cameron Bure Opens up About her Battle with Bulimia Hello Giggles
4/29/16 This "fitness-tracking mirror" measures your body fat, but does it go too far? Hello Giggles
4/27/16 This Is the Test Doctors Use to Determine if You Might Have an Eating Disorder Teen Vogue
4/25/16 People in Japan With Eating Disorders Aren't Getting Proper Care Yahoo!
4/22/16 Eating Disorders Are More Common In Schools Where Girls Outnumber Boys, Says Study, And It Raises Some Interesting Questions Bustle
4/21/16 Could Your Fitness Tracker Give You an Eating Disorder? Shape
4/20/16 Schools and Colleges are Requiring Fitness Trackers for Students, but there may be unintended consequences The Daily Dot
4/19/16 University taking heat for requiring students to track activity via FitBit SFGate
4/19/16 The Internet Is Slamming This School for Requiring Students to Wear Fitbits Redbook
4/19/16 Parents Go to Battle With Blue Shield Over Daughter's Anorexia Treatment Yahoo! Beauty
4/18/16 The Internet Is Slamming This School for Requiring Students to Wear Fitbits Woman's Day
4/18/16 Oral Roberts University criticised for making new students wear 'grade-issuing' FitBit trackers The Independent
4/17/16 People are Furious At This College for Making Its Freshmen Wear FitBits BuzzFeed
4/16/16 Eating disorder fundraising walk combats stereotype of 'perfect body',' raises more than $20k WNCN
4/15/16 The Internet Is Slamming This School for Requiring Students to Wear FitBits Cosmopolitan
4/14/16 Why Eating Disorders Are So Hard for Instagram and Tumblr to Combat BuzzFeed News
4/13/16 Why Food Labels With Exercise Equivalents Are a Horrible Idea Greatist
4/12/16 Why That Professor Thought it Was Totally Fine to Ask Kate Middleton About Her Weight Yahoo! Beauty
4/12/16 Mariel Hemingway Breaks the Family Cycle with Her Eating Disorder Recovery: 'It's Been Such a Deep Issue for My Family' People
4/8/16 Activists Press Christian College to Stop Tracking Students' Exercise with FitBit STAT
4/7/16 Former Model Nikki DuBose is Backing a Bill to Fight Eating Disorders and Sexism in the Industry People
4/7/16 Activists Say That Forcing Students to wear FitBits is Bad for Health SheKnows
4/6/15 American Eagle's lingerie model had a great response to a person who called her fat Business Insider
4/5/16 Petition Launches Against Oral Roberts University's Fitbit Policy The Mighty
4/5/16 Woman Beats Anorexia, Becomes Bodybuilder ABC
4/5/16 Iskra Lawrence Showed Everyone How Shutting Down Haters Is Done With This Instagram Self
4/5/16 One Woman's Body Image Wake-Up Call Huffington Post
4/4/16 How Fashion's Top Models Are Fighting Back Against Body Shamers Teen Vogue
3/31/16 The Lasting Toll of an Eating Disorder: Fertility Issues U.S. News & World Report
3/21/16 5 Things You Need to Know if You Think Your Friend Has an Eating Disorder Teen Vogue
3/18/16 Do schools' BMI screenings of students even work? CNN
3/16/16 Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits in Teenage Girls Wall Street Journal
3/16/16 How schools are using ‘mindful eating’ to help prevent eating disorders Washington Post
3/15/16 Why We Should Stop Saying "You're Not Fat, You're Beautiful" For Good Bustle
3/7/16 5 Lingerie Brands Challenging Victoria’s Secret's Sex Game Fortune
3/2/16 'I could see his ribs': How to tell if a loved one is over-dieting Today
2/29/16 Eating Disorders Often Overlooked in College Sports NBC New York
2/26/16 This Heartbreaking Viral Video Shows What Eating Disorders Really Look Like PopSugar
2/25/16 15 Eating Disorder Survivors on What the Word "Fat" Means to Them  Self
2/25/16 5 Things You Didn't Know About Eating Disorders U.S. News & World Report
2/25/16 How Bad Is Occasional Binge Eating? Shape
2/25/16 Students push body positivity for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week USA Today
2/25/16 Just Eat: Common Misconceptions About Eating Disorders Fitness Magazine
2/25/16 Representative Renee Ellmers addressing the House for HR 4153 CSPAN
2/25/16 Binge Eating Disorder Is The Most Common Eating Disorder In America—Here’s What You Should Know Self
2/25/16 Where's Ken? The Abandonment of Men in Body Positivity Newsweek
2/24/16 No, They "Don't Look Like" They Have Eating Disorders Cosmopolitan 
2/24/16 ‘Vain.’ ‘Selfish.’ Exclusive Survey Highlights Misconceptions About Eating Disorders Yahoo!
2/24/16 This week is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week — NEDA Walk to be held Feb. 27 LGBT Weekly
2/23/16 National Eating Disorders Awareness Week Huffington Post
2/23/16 Eating Disorder Awareness Campaign Shows Beauty Isn't About Size Shape
2/23/16 The Media's Obsession With the "Post-Baby Body" Is Way More Harmful Than We Think Mic
2/22/16 Letting Go of Labels, by @thebalancedblonde Instagram Blog
2/21/16 A Lingerie Brand Offers Real Women as (Role) Models New York Times
2/21/16 National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is 2/21 - 2/27 Psychology Today
2/21/16 New Campaign Reveals The Truth About Beauty Refinery 29
2/22/16 How 3 Minutes Can Save a Life During Eating Disorders Awareness Week Teen Vogue
2/19/16 Could You Unknowingly Have an Eating Disorder? U.S News
2/1/16 12 Eye-Opening Scientific Facts About Binge Eating The Stir
2/1/16 7 Common Misconceptions About Eating Disorders, And The Truth About How They Actually Work Bustle
1/28/16 Health Buzz: Barbie Gets a New Bod U.S. News & World Report
1/27/16 Comedienne Jessie Kahnweiler's Web Series Explores the Funny Side of Life with an Eating Disorder (No, Really) People
1/27/16 The Creator Of The Skinny On Purge Scenes, Likable Characters & More Refinery 29
1/24/16 "Bulimia Is Something I'll Have Forever" Cosmopolitan
1/22/16 Quiz: Do You Have A Healthy Relationship With Food? Prevention
1/14/16 A Cosmetic Procedure for Taylor Swift’s Thigh Gap Is Being Promoted on E! News Yahoo! Style
1/6/16 Americans are gluttons for diet fads Medical News Today
12/23/15 How To Cope With An Eating Disorder Over The Holidays Huffington Post
12/21/15 How to Cope With an Eating Disorder Over the Holidays U.S. News & World Report
12/10/15 Why The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Can Make You Feel Fat Cosmopolitain
12/8/15 Calling someone 'skinny' is more hurtful than you think mashable
11/22/15 I Didn't Know I Had an Eating Disorder Shape
10/19/15 Best Advice For Binge Eating Disorder Healthline
9/18/15 New York Fashion Week's Lack of Body Diversity Is Not OK: Here's Why E!
9/4/15 Can You Ever Fully Recover from an Eating Disorder? Women's Health
9/1/15 Young Female Athletes Are Often Not Eating Enough Huffington Post
8/10/15 Should Weed Be Used to Treat Eating Disorders? Vice
8/7/15 Excessive supplement use: A new eating disorder for men? CBS News
8/6/15 Risky Workout Supplement Use Could Be Sign of an Emerging Eating Disorder Yahoo! Health
7/14/15 Want to feel better about your body? Try Instagram on for size. Washington Post
7/9/15 Woman Shuts Down Internet Trolls Who Body Shamed Her Boyfriend TakePart
7/8/15 10 Things Never to Say to Someone with an Eating Disorder MSN
7/6/15 10 Things Never to Say to Someone with an Eating Disorder Woman's Day
7/3/15 Insurance companies to provide eating disorder treatment coverage in Missouri USA Today College
6/28/15 Advocates say Missouri 1st to detail treatments that insurers must cover for eating disorders Associated Press
6/25/15 9 Facts About Eating Disorders That May Surprise You U.S. News & World Report
6/19/15 Latest Body Shaming Trend Involves Putting Quarters Someplace Weird Take Part
6/18/15 Why the Latest Viral Trend Is Especially Body-Shaming and Harmful Seventeen
6/12/15 Belly Button Challenge Sends Negative Body Image Message, Experts Say ABC News
6/2/15 Lauren Conrad's "skinny" ban: Are "beach-ready" bodies an improvement? Salon
6/1/15 Lauren Conrad Bans the Word "Skinny" From Her Website Yahoo Style

Lauren Conrad Bans The Word 'Skinny' from Her Website

Women's Health
5/29/15 ¿Qué es la anorexia nerviosa? CNN Español
5/12/15 Organizations band together to set the record straight on eating disorders Latina List
5/11/15 Remembering Lynn Grefe, the woman who helped shape the fight against eating disorders Women in the World
5/8/15 Lynn Grefe, 65; fought for people with eating disorders Boston Globe
5/6/15 Lynn Grefe, Advocate for Those With Eating Disorders, Dies at 65 New York Times
5/5/15 How to Help Your Daughter Love Her Body Real Simple
5/4/15 25 Signs You Have a Terrible Relationship With Food Cosmopolitan
5/2/15 Lighting the way: A tribute to NEDA CEO Lynn Grefe Examiner
4/14/15 Do Photos of Thin Models Really Cause Eating Disorders? Healthline
4/14/15 Eating Disorder Center at San Antonio: Exemplary Care For Patients Of All Ages Examiner
4/14/15 The Importance of Fighting Negative Body Image HerCampus
4/13/15 Eating Disorders: Do You Know The Warning Signs? Black America
4/10/15 'Anorexia Girl' Game App Mocking Anorexics After Volcanic Outrage Examiner
4/9/15 Amazon Pulls Controversial Rescue the Anorexia Girl App Following Outcry People
4/8/15 "My Struggle with an Eating Disorder Forced Me to Drop Out of College" Seventeen
4/7/15 Fat-shaming New Moms Is Even More Toxic Than You Think Fusion
4/6/15 Emme on France's Skinny Models Ban CNN
4/5/15 French Ban on Skinny Models Deemed Counterproductive by Eating Disorder Experts Modern Readers
4/3/15 Banning Too-Thin Models: Right Move, Wrong Approach, Say Experts Voice of America
4/2/15 Seal of approval: Eating Disorders Organization Endorses Aerie Examiner
4/2/15 All People With Eating Disorders Are Underweight, Right? Psychology Today
4/1/15 Overcoming an Eating Disorder With Instagram The Atlantic
4/1/15 Aerie Honored for Body Positivity in Advertising Apparel
3/31/15 6 Scary Things That Happen To Your Body When You Skip Meals Seventeen
3/31/15 What Aerie's Doing Right In The Fight Against Eating Disorders Hello Giggles
3/31/15 American Eagle Wins Award for Realistic Underwear Ads People 
3/31/15 National Eating Disorder Awareness Group Endorses Aerie Underwear ABC News
3/30/15 Millennials, Unretouched: #AerieReal Wins Big Among Gen Y Women Marketing Daily
3/29/15 Biggest Losers Fusion
3/24/15 Candice Bergen Reveals A Sad Reality About Eating Disorders Fusion
3/13/15 Baby Onesie Message Stirs Controversy: 'I Hate My Thighs' Yaho! Parenting
3/11/15 The case against Facebook’s ‘feeling fat’ emoji wins MSNBC
3/11/15 No More ‘Feeling Fat’ On Facebook, Company Pulls Double-Chinned Emoji After Protest Digital Trends
3/9/15 Eating Disorders MyFOXNY
3/9/15 Facebook's 'Feeling Fat' Emoji Leaves Some Users Flat ABC News
3/3/15 Social Media: Feeding Eating Disorders?
2/27/15 Woman Feels “Unhelpable” in Battle Against Bulimia The Doctors
2/27/15 Sized Up: Struggling With Midlife Eating Disorders Huffington Post Live
2/27/15 I Had No Idea: National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015 EmpowHER
2/26/15 Sized Up: When Your Disorder Disables Your Life HuffPost Live
2/26/15 Older People and Eating Disorders: Not 'Just A Teenager's Problem' Medical News Daily
2/26/15 Inspiring Quotes From 7 Celebs Who've Struggled with Eating Disorders Women's Health
2/26/15 7 easy ways to champion body positivity Mashable
2/25/15 Eating Disorders Awareness HLN
2/25/15 Orthorexia: When healthy eating becomes an unhealthy obsession CBS News
2/25/15 What You Don't Know Can Hurt You!  Huffington Post
2/25/15 Eating Disorder Awareness: It Starts With Us Ms. Magazine
2/25/15 National Eating Disorders Awareness Week: 5 Terms You Should Know You Beauty
2/25/15 Sized Up: Eating Disorders Enabled By Education HuffPost Live
2/25/15 8 Tips On How To Help A Friend Who Has An Eating Disorder Gurl
2/25/15 Real Beauty HuffPost Style
2/25/15 Could Your Diet Be An Eating Disorder YouBeauty
2/25/15 It's a Black thing too - Eating Disorders Philadelphia Daily News
2/24/15 9 Signs Your Child May Have an Eating Disorder Health Central
2/24/15 The Marilu Henner Show – Tuesday February 24th 2015 The Marilu Henner Show
2/24/15 Orthorexia: The New Eating Disorder You've Never Heard Of Health Line
2/24/15 Sized Up: Men Struggle With Eating Disorders Too HuffPost Live
2/23/15 Sized Up: When Pregnant Women Struggle With Food HuffPost Live
2/23/15 National Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2015: The Importance Of An Early Intervention Medical Daily
2/23/15 A Parent’s Guide to Identifying Eating Disorders Daily Parent
2/23/15 “I Had No Idea” 2015 Eating Disorder Awareness Week Darling
2/23/15 5 Things You Should Know During National Eating Disorders Awareness Week Healio
2/23/15 When Your Eating Disorder Doesn't Have a Name U.S. News & World Report
2/23/15 Tackling Eating Disorders With School-Based Initiatives U.S. News & World Report
2/23/15 I had no idea: National Eating Disorder Awareness Week The Examiner
2/21/15 The after-school special is over: How millennials want to talk about eating disorders today  Mashable
2/20/15 Aerie Partners With National Eating Disorder Association, Furthering Its Commitment To Promoting Body Positivity Bustle
2/19/15 NEDAwareness Week: How can eating disorders affect life insurance? Life Quotes
2/18/15 National Eating Disorder Awareness Week: I had no idea The Examiner
2/17/15 “I Had No Idea:” National Eating Disorders Awareness Week Her Campus
2/15/15 What the Internet’s Saying About Cindy Crawford’s Leaked Photos But Not Bieber’s Ryot
2/6/15 Are You ACTUALLY a Binge Eater? Women's Health Mag
2/3/15 New Binge Eating Disorder Drug Vyvanse: FAQ WebMD
1/29/15 What Not to Say to Someone With an Eating Disorder U.S. News & World Report
1/28/15 Binge Eating Disorder: Treat Mental Health First WebMD
1/20/15 Thigh Gap vs. Insurance Gap Huffington Post
1/14/15 Advertisers Need a Conscience Huffington Post
1/12/15 Striving for the Perfect Diet is Making Us Sick Popular Science
1/12/15  A Weighty New Year's Resolution Huffington Post
 1/9/15  The "Thigh Gap" is a Huge Judgment Gap  Allure
 1/6/15  Urban Outfitters told to remove online ad featuring ‘too-skinny’ model  Washington Post
1/6/15 The Link Between Binge Eating and Depression WebMD
 1/5/15  Photo of 'underweight' Urban Outfitters model banned  USA Today
12/31/14 My Weight Gain Success Story U.S. News & World Report
12/31/14 11 Worthless Body Image Insecurities Not to Bring With You Into the New Year Good Housekeeping
12/26/14 11 Worthless Body Image Insecurities Not to Bring With You Into the New Year Cosmopolitain
 12/16/14  Eating disorders in college: What to look for when your child comes home  Examiner
12/14/14 When Healthy Eating Calls For Treatment Wall Street Journal
 12/7/14  Can you be addicted to healthy foods?  Fox News
 11/15/14  Understanding Orthorexia — When Healthful Eating Becomes an Obsession    Today's Dietician
 11/4/14  Binge eaters struggle to get covered despite shift on diagnosis  San Francisco Gate
 10/31/14  The Skinny on Skinny-Shaming  Yahoo! Style
 10/30/14  Victoria's Secret 'Perfect Body' campaign sparks outrage  Fox News
 10/28/14  What It's Like To Grow Up With A Disordered Eater  HuffPost Live
 10/13/14  How to Stop a Binge Before It Happens  WebMD
 10/1/14  Stella McCartney Apologizes After Posting Photo of Shockingly Thin Model  Yahoo! Style


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Kathy Benn, Mother Who Lost Daughter to Bulimia, Petitions Google to Combat Thinspo Huffington Post
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7/18/2012 Older women can have eating disorders, too HLN TV
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