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my testimony

Hi. This is iwanttolive. Today was a huge milestone for me. I after months of waiting, and for the perfect timing, I gave my testimony of my journey and recovery from self harm and from my eating disorder. It isn't finished yet but will continue to film with my parent's adding their journey of having a daughter who was so ill I almost died a few times. They will speak from their point of view. I am excited to be in this place. Able to help others and still get help if I need it. It has been almost eight months of recovery. I mentioned some very vulnerable things all in order to help others suffering to let them know, you know, that recovery is possible. I want God to get the credit for helping me change and grow into the person I am now. So I just wanted to keep you updated on this as I have mentioned before that I would be doing this.

I wish you all a good night and want you to say one nice thing about yourself to yourself. Give yourself a hug for fighting the fight.


I'm sending you Hugs and thank you for sharing this. This is great. Hugs.


Thank you so much for updating us on this-- so excited for you & proud of you for sharing your story! That is such a cool perspective to have your parents share their experiences as well:) Glory be to God! Congratulations on eight months <3 You're amazing. So grateful for your openness & transparency in what you have been through in order to encourage others!