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My parents!

I'm not sure what to do and I feel like I need to binge eat, my parents have been fighting since yesterday afternoon and they are not taking to each other now. I feel so sad and I've been crying because my dad cancelled something that we had planned today and I don't know what to do. I need this feeling of binge eating to go away and for me to be ok. They are both too much for me.


Hi I just opened the forum as I just woke up. Can you get out of the house for a while? I will pray right now for you. I am sorry your parent's are fighting and that they fight a lot. I pray peace over you. I pray for your parents that they can relate to each other in a rational way. I pray for you that you can calm down with music, praying to God, and that you don't binge. It as you know isn't going to make your parents stop fighting and that you will want to binge again after this binge. I pray you find something that can replace the urge. I again pray peace over this situation and solution.
Please keep in touch and let us, me, know how you are. You have remained binge free, you can do this. Call out to God for help. He is near to you. With love and care,


I'm so sorry to hear about the difficulties going on at home right now. Just want you to know I am praying for you as well <3 That you would be filled with overwhelming peace in the turmoil. Know that this feeling to binge eat will pass-- as intense as it feels right now, it will come and go. Do what you need to in order to take care of yourself and feel the sadness- whether it is journaling or reaching out for support. We're here for you!

I know how you feel

Home was hell for me growing up. My dad was an alcoholic, so it was always yelling and cussing about his drinking. There was also more abuse, so I can relate to having WW3 until I left home. Even after I was married, when ever we would visit, he'd be drinking and sometimes driving after drinking, so it was really uncomfortable.
I'm sorry your dad cancelled. I'm sorry you have been struggling so much. Our environment definitely has an affect on our ED and recovery.
How are you doing today? I'm praying for you.

Thank you

Thank you all so much for your kind words and your help. Hugs.