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My Old 24/7 Emergency Binge Store Will No Longer be a 24/7 Store

Beginning Aug 23 rd my old 24/7 store will be closing its doors to half asleep shoppers like myself who would frequent the aisles nightly foraging for the perfect, after hours yummies or whatever "Comfort Foods" were being craved at that ghastly hour of the wee morning. I'm going through withdrawal over knowing this and realizing they served many patrons of their store like myself, there at night in our Pj's.

I'm sorry to hear that this

I'm sorry to hear that this is causing you anxiety and withdrawal, but I'm glad you got some notice about it. Rather than think of this negatively, maybe you can focus on the positive. Remind yourself that now that this store is closing, you may feel less inclined to binge in the middle of the night, which would help you along your road to recovery. That's just an idea, but one that I hope will help.

Stay strong!

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