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My Mouth Hurts From Eating Food, Achy Teeth, and Jaw too.

My mouth is aching after eating a small meal and snacks in between. I seriously need mouth expansion but am terrified I will begin eating out of control and out of trauma from not being able to eat when wearing orthodontia. So then when i get my braces off i will rebound Big Time . So I have a super narrow mouth and it currently hurts when ever I eat or floss. So i hate either 1 of the above. I think i need invisiline as i do eat and need to brush n floss a lot. i am terrified of getting cavities. I am a control freak with my eating and germs. I am afraid will get an accumulation of too much plaque from having an ED and needing braces. But i could always remove my invisiline whenever, right?

Eating shouldn't be painful

Perhaps addressing the pain is the most important thing right now. Eating should not be physically painful! Have you talked to your dentist/orthodontist about these issues? I can't really give you much advice due to lack of experience, but I'm sure dealing with oral pain makes the ed a lot harder to battle. What exactly are you afraid of? Is it the health and cleanliness of your teeth, or losing control over food once you're able to eat without physical pain?

Best of luck, I hope you can find a solution to your problem!


There are foods you can eat with braces, and I would suggest talking to your dentist about which ones would be least painful to you. You needn't not worry about getting enough food because of the braces.

I'm sorry your have this mouth pain. I went through a lot of that with abscesses an root canals when my teeth were rotting from the bulimia (I lost all of them before I was 30).

Can you work on your terror of gaining and the OCD symptoms with a therapist? If ;you are malnourished, your teeth will get a lot worse. I do hope you find a way; to ease the pain, and reducing the foods you need to chew seems sensible. I also understand your fear that you'll binge once the braces are off. But maybe you won't, too.

Not to sounds redundant...

It sounds like it might be time to speak to a dentist or doctor about it! I'm not sure the exact solution to it, but oyster sounds about right in suggesting that you see a dentist for this issue. I'm so sorry that you're experiencing this pain -- it must be uncomfortable. Perhaps working with a therapist about your fears regarding eating can also assist you in your recovery. Do you have someone that you're currently working with regarding your recovery?