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my dad gets it

So I know a lot of my family and friends know that I relapsed with my eating disorder but most of them don't understand it. Anyway... I was taking with my dad yesterday and he get it way more than I thought he did. It's nice to know that when I'm struggling I can call him for understanding. I never thought that would happen, because years ago when I first told him he didn't believe I had an eating disorder. What a relief to have at least one more person to talk to.

so glad you have someone who

so glad you have someone who understands................!! I have not been able to tell any family or friends ....I keep trying to tell my husband and every day I back out of it............. how was it to tell people? Im so afraid of my husbands reaction I just cant do it!

I was so afraid to tell my

I was so afraid to tell my husband. He knew I had an eating disorder in the past but didn't know that I relapsed. I was surprised. He was supportive and wanted to do anything he can. Unfortunately he doesn't really understand it. But at least he is trying. I think you would be surprised on how people react. So far for me everyone has been supportive. But I could have been lucky. Not that you care of my opinion but I think you should tell your husband. It will be a big relief. At least it was for me. I felt like I was living a lie from him and it tore me down harder.

I want to tell him..........

I want to tell him...........BUT ...if I tell him i have to stop my behaviors............I mainly have my problems in the evenings..... So I want to stop, I want to get better...........BUT if I tell him I will have to stop, I will have to get better............does that make sense........such an inner struggle................. Im pretty sure he will be supportive, i have no reason to believe he would be anything but supportive..............but i just cant get the words out...........

Brody I felt the same way.

Brody I felt the same way. That if I told my husband then I would have to stop my behaviours completely. I wasn't ready for that. And even after told my husband I'm still struggling. He knows I am and does his best to support me. But he isn't negative about. He just asks me what he can do to help. Which is nice because I couldn't handle someone trying to shove food down my throat.

i keep hoping my husband will

i keep hoping my husband will bring it up and just ask me then i will tell him! He has to know something isnt right.he watches me display behaviors all night