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My Car Insurance Covers ED Inpatient, if the Trauma...

If the trauma is so emotionally crippling, then following a car near miss or accident, or actual real car accident involving actual car collision, will cover inpatient hospitalization wherever I choose to go inpatient.

I just increased my insurance so that I have this extra coverage in case this was ever needed.

The last near miss car related trauma was going to cover all my 1 on 1 therapy outpatient but my therapist had refused to accept the car insurance check that was sent to him for each billing that I sent to claims.

Instead my shrink worked out a fee that I could afford and my Disability paid the rest of what my co-pay did not cover.

I am afraid to talk w/ my shrink about this ED-NOS problem w/ cyclic binges and intermittent fasting when Not binging. I dread feeling so exhausted and flat when not binging and ironically in fast mode...

The exhaustion and physical problems associated with this rigid way of eating for me is very difficult to deal with.

The feeling of being so isolated and low in energy to even go out and do things just to be around people is also quite a downer for me too.

If i told he might actually admit me to a residential treatment ctr which is now covered my my kaiser plan here in California. I cant even locate a place like that on my own so I have no idea how i would even get to a place for treatment.

The idea of being w/ a bunch of other women in res treatment makes me feel extra anxious. I have horrible table manners and i hear they require daily meals to be eaten ,"Cafeteria Style" with all the other residents there.

Then they have counselors who sit and watch the clients during meals to ensure we eat ALL our food and dont just chew and spit into a napkin or under the table and onto the rug.

So I would never fit in at a place like this. The other place i saw was overly clinical. In the cold early mornings they get residents up, like military style or SNF style and make everyone get weighed and vitals taken before breakfast.

This is too clinical for me as well as the more domesticated model which i described first.

I just Dont fit in anywhere for treatment except the privacy of a therapists office doing 1 to 1 traditional therapy.

Then I would fear what i said as I would not want to be placed on a damn hold due to feeling down in the dumps honestly.....

I'm so sorry you're having a

I'm so sorry you're having a hard time with the accordent, stress, and ED right now. It sounds like you just need a good support team that understands you, your history, and your needs. Try to be as open and honest as possible with them so they can give you the best care they can. I know it's hard, but try to trust them and the process. Sometimes it's said that the thing that's the best for our future selves is the most difficult not, and I know I've certainly found that to be true. Try to think about what you value and what your true goals are. Try to build up toward those without letting the nasty voice of ED get in the way. Talk to your therapist about it. Maybe they'd have some ideas to help you get started and never look back. I believe you can do this. You can fight back those voices. And you can win.
Take care,