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My birthday girl

Today is my daughters 25th birthday and she is laying in bed, depressed, not hungry and offers one to two word responses to conversation. She attempted going to recovery but the idea of having to "talk" again about her ed created anxiety and she backed down. Each time, she regretted not going and going to a treatment center is now off the table. I'm scared for her and I am at my wits end on how to help her.

re: My birthday girl

Hi Kathleen61,

I'm so sorry your daughter's birthday was such a depressing day, and that you've both been struggling. As a former sufferer myself I really understand how ED can feel like a dark room that's always filling with smoke, even during what should be really joyful moments, even when you've been making progress.

I mostly just wanted to check in and see how you've been doing these past couple of weeks? Any improvement with your daughter? I also wanted to let you know you're not alone--I hope you're able to draw comfort from the rest of the threads on this forum, and please don't ever stop believing that recovery is possible. I'm almost four years recovered from my own EDs, and I know your daughter can get there, too. Keep supporting her and doing your best--that's all you can do.

And please remember to take care of yourself, too. ED is exhausting for everyone it touches. Sending you thoughts of healing and courage.