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Movie/Documentary Recommendations


I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for movies and/or documentaries on eating disorders to not only learn more personally but to also share with my step son on the subject. I am trying to help his father learn more about eating disorders as his son is showing possible signs and we would like to help him avoid having one and help educate him on it. He is 13 years old, so anything around that age group would be wonderful.

Thank you in advance for any help.



Here is a link to a bunch of videos that NEDA has linked about eating disorders:

They are really informative, and I know there's one especially about adolescents with EDs. Because they are being promoted by NEDA, you can rest assured that they are free of inappropriate content or misleading advice. I hope you find them helpful!!

Good luck with your step son. He is very lucky to have someone so supportive during this process.