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Minors seeking help without your knowledge

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I am a college life coach and I would like to inform parents about their children seeking help from online sources. I truly believe parents are doing the best they can to help their children and I want to acknowledge you for being strong and present for your children in their time of need. As of late, teenagers struggling with eating disorders have been contacting me on social media and through my contact page on my website to help them create more happiness in their lives and seeking tools on how to improve their home lives. They express how unhappy they are and how the people surrounding them such as their friends and parents, aren't helping them the way they would like. When I tell them I would be honored to help them overcome their blocks, so that they can live more fulfilling lives but FIRST I would have to get permission from their parents, they immediately no longer want assistance and say it's due to the fact that their "parents won't agree to them having a coach" or that "when their parents get involved in their lives bad things happen." I respond by telling them that their parents love them and would do anything to help them, if they ask for an alternative. I would like parents to know that there is additional help out there and maybe your children are not getting everything they need from the traditional sources: psychiatrists, nutritionists, and therapists.
I'll leave you with this new knowledge that extra help is out there and your child may need it but is not willing to share it with you.
I suggest having an open discussion with your child about how helpful what you guys already have in place is (weekly therapy sessions, nutritionist appointments, etc) and if they would like to try something new. It is important to ask your child what other resources he/she needs to thrive.