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The middle of a long road.....

My daughter (18) was a cutter for most of junior high and high school. She was experiencing extreme panic attacks when in the public school setting. When she was old enough (16) she dropped out of school because of her anxiety and got her GED. Her panic attacks stopped and she stopped cutting as well. She took a year off of school but at 17 started taking her college courses and seemed to be doing well.

In November of last year, she suffered a major concussion which kept her out of her sport that is her whole world. At some point, she began the habits of anorexia. she lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time. The doctors expressed concerns but nothing major.

Fast forward to last night when she told me that she has been diagnosed with anorexia and bulimia. As we talked, I cried. She apologized for making me cry. I explained to her that my tears were not tears of sadness but rather tears or joy and relief. She is finally in a place where she is ok with her diagnosis and willing to accept help (she always refused it when cutting).

Her discussing her ED with me last night was a HUGE step (in my eyes) because she would NEVER discuss her cutting with me.

I am not really sure there is a point to this post other than to vent and to reach out for support. Clearly this is a new chapter for me and something I have no experience with. All I know to do is love her right now.

Hi jscales1999

Hi jscales1999,

I just wanted to let you know your post was edited slightly to adhere to NEDA's community guidelines. We try to avoid using numbers in our posts. Please keep posting! :)

Hi jscales1999,

Thank you for posting here! If you're looking for somewhere to vent and seek support, you've come to the right place! :)

It sounds like you and your daughter have been through a lot, but it also sounds like things are moving in a positive direction. It's great that she's discussing things more openly with you. EDs (and mental health issues in general) can make it hard for people to reach out, so it's great that your daughter feels so comfortable with you.

I know birdie22 mentioned the Parent Toolkit, so I thought I would share that link with you, along with some other links from around the NEDA site that might be helpful:

I hope this is a useful starting point. Please feel free to post here anytime. We're here for you! :) Good luck to you and to your family.