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Mental Work Takes Some Physical Conditioning Too

Sat @ desk almost all day and by the time i got home from work today felt like my back was so achy. I feel so dry and achy. It seemed to take a lot of energy mentally just to be patient in waiting for the day to go by , as it sure seemed to be a very s-l-o-w Day today.

I dont like hurting like this. It takes enough energy for me just to get through a simple day not to mention a day with back avches too.

God please make these aches go away. Just used 2 OTC pain meds and 2 other OTC's at lunch of a diff type. The pain and body heat just seems bad.

Felt depressed yesterday too. Miserable over the fact that the regular staff all received pay raises from 50K-80K now in the range of 60K to 103K, including Home Ec teachers too.

They used the excuse on me that I dont have a credentiual except the Emergency 1. However the credential is supposed to be directly related to what the teacher is teaching. I know of 2 teachers who are teaching way out of their area of major. 1 is teaching French in HS w/ a Emergency Credential as a Social Science Teacher Candidate, the other majored in Pre Law and is now teaching Home Ec. Both are now earning at the high end of the pay scale.

Do i feel a bit envious, y-e-s Sir.

I majored in a direct single soc science degree, then earned an MS Degree in Ed as well. No Teaching Credential except the Emergency 1 I have used over the past 25 years since my under grad degree was earned. I only earn around $140.00 daily and knowing this is just killing me.

I feel so frustrated , I went and interviewed for a Lane Bryant job for a 2nd income. Now i gotta fit into the clothes which i will be selling and modeling to the customers at my place of sales associate job. I hate to have to work a 2nd job. Like i said i come home w/ a serious back ache and feel like vomiting, and that's mainly from mental exertion in accepting that i am Nothing there at work as an Emergency Sub, Rover, Floater, Surrogate Mother-Father. Also in the process of awaiting a job placement as a para pro. If this worked out I would accept a 30 hr a week position and at least not have to worry about having to be in charge of creating an Emergency lesson Plan.

However, I wish for an equal pay raise as my like minded fellow teachers who i am subbing for. I would be very satisfied in accepting a daily pay raise from $140 daily to about $175 daily. Then I would NOT require a 2nd income and that would be just fine with my body's lack of energy at this point and time in my miserable life and existence as a Nobody Nowhere Sub here in CA,USA.

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