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Memory Difficulties

Good Morning! Just curious if others have experienced difficulties with memory during recovery and if these symptoms eased as timed passed. I don't remember doing things in my day to day routine as well as things from long ago. The short term memory is the worst. I also cannot remember the names of people that I have known for years. I am very fortunate that I do not have a history of trauma or abuse connected to my eating disorder. I only mention this as I don't believe that I am blocking out things as a protective mechanism. I have been in recovery since December of 2016, am weigh restored, and quite healthy overall. These memory issues worry me and can prove quite frustrating. If any of you have experienced anything similar, I would welcome your thoughts. Thank you.


Hi and good evening. I am glad you posted. I am sorry that you are having memory problems. I too suffer from memory issues. I have what is called face blindness which means I don't recognize people I've known for years. Most of the time I pretend to know who they are because it is very embarrassing for me to know that they know me for years and decades and I have no idea who they are. Or getting lost in my neighborhood and having to call hope to be told how to get home or be picked up when on a walk. Even here I don't remember who's who a lot of the time. I know a few but that is all. There is some reasons but since my second major car crash last week we don't know what is going on for me and my blood pressure is dangerously low.

So I can certainly understand where you are coming from. Reading a book, watching s movie all very difficult as I can not follow the characters very well. I still try to push through. I sometimes force myself to finish a book even though I have no idea whos who.

Again, I can understand the frustrating. Have you seen a neurologist? They can run tests to see if there is any organic issues going on in your brain that is causing the memory loss. I do hope you seek out help for this. I am up to my eyeballs with doctors and I hate it. But I really have no choice. I want to get better so I can start really living. I am doing really well with the eating disorder. And now the low blood pressure. But God is giving me the strength to keep on keep'n on. I wish you the best and hope you found any thing that I said helpful. I shared about my story to let you know that others understand and do go through memory difficulties. I do not believe mine are eating disorder related but I am not sure. I was sixteen when I first was diagnosed and am now forty-six so their is a possibility. Anyway. I hope this was of some help. iwanttolive


Many thanks for taking the time to respond to my concerns and share your story. I sincerely appreciate it. Yes, it does help to know that others are also experiencing similar issues. I will look further into potential causes like you said. Again, thank you. I wish you all the best with your challenges and will send positive thoughts your way:).

Wrong forum, sorry.

Wrong forum, sorry.