National Eating Disorders Association

Who made you a better person?...Who lifted your spirit?...Who inspired you?

Every now and then we encounter individuals in our lives that have shared positive words of encouragement, inspired our hearts, and made us better people. We ask that you take a moment of your time to help NEDA make a greater impact by honoring a parent, loved one, friend, philanthropist or professional for the inspiration they bring into your lives and others around you. You may also consider making a donation to honor the memory of someone who impacted your life in a special way.

Your meaningful gifts will enable millions of individuals across the country to benefit from vital information on eating disorders and life-saving resources to recover from these illnesses. Our unified efforts will not only increase the public’s understanding of eating disorders but also promote positive self-acceptance among adolescents and adults. 

Here are perfect ways you can honor others:

  • Special Occasions: Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, Recovery and other Celebratory Events
  • Organizations who have helped you or someone you know recover from their eating disorders
  • Celebrate the work of a dedicated philanthropist

Your honor and memorial gifts will help support the following three areas listed below.

General support- funds NEDA’s outreach programs, website, Information and Referral Helpline, toolkits, and other resources.

NEDA Conference Scholarship Program- a program that awards scholarships to individuals and families demonstrating financial need so they can afford to attend our annual conference

Feeding Hope Fund for Clinical Research and Training- a fund that gives selected researchers and qualified experts the opportunity to embark on research studies to improve early intervention and treatment for eating disorders

Please note: 
The honorees or family members of the someone who has passed will be notified with a letter along with your personal gift message (optional) via postal mail with the names of the donor/(s) who contributed in their honor or in memory of their loved one. 

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