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Hi everyone,
I'm wondering if any of you have experience with medication? Obviously, it wouldn't be the only way to recover but I have heard it could help. I was prescribed a low doseage antidepressant but hesitant to start taking it. I hope that it would cause my obsessive thoughts to diminish, help to boost my mood and energy. I have been trying to recover fully on my own, but I feel that I may need a little help from a med. Thoughts ?

Hi NelAli!

Hi NelAli!

I don't have any experience with taking medication for an ED, so I don't have any advice, but I encourage you to do whatever your recovery team of doctors and other medical professionals suggest. Let them know about your concerns with taking the medication and discuss other treatment options if you would rather not. They are there to help you and keep your best interest in mind, so continue to work with them to find the best treatment that helps you.

Please keep us updated on your progress!

my experience is ........I

my experience is ........I was on a low dose of the antidepressant for a month and it had no effect at all... sigh........ I went last week and they increased far nothing..............I know its not going to be a cure all but really hoping it would take the edge of my desire to binge.......... good luck!


I take a low-dose SSRI for anxiety and it took over 7 weeks for it to start working for me. According to my psychiatrist, it can even take up to 10 weeks for some people. I don't know what drug you're taking, but check with your doctors before getting discouraged. You may just have unrealistic expectations of how quickly it's supposed to help you.

I hope you get some relief soon! Hang in there!


thank you.........I have

thank you.........I have follow ups monthly (this week will be my third) and my dr is willing to increase it each time.... I will somehow try to be more patient.......... is your med finally helping at all?

Advice from doctors

Hi NelAli,

Thanks for letting us know your efforts for recovery! Although it may be tempting to ask others about medication advice, a doctor (preferably one who specialized in EDs) would be the best fit to give you advice on dealing with your recovery. It sounds like you're trying to do this on your own, but a medical professional would be the best person to help you in this scenario. If you haven't started searching for one, try giving the helpline a call! They are available 9-9PM Monday through Thursday and 9-5PM on Fridays at 1-800-931-2237. Please keep us posted. Good luck!

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