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My 18-year-old daughter was recently diagnosed with ED-NOS. She is away at college and started seeing an LCSW who specializes in EDs. Now the LCSW suggested anti-anxiety meds and possibly anti-depressants. I am typically so anti-medication but of course I want what is best. Anybody out there know if this is proper protocol? Thank you so much.

Great question

Hi bklynwen -

I'm by no means a treatment professional so I can't say what's proper protocol, but I can tell you that anxiety, depression and other comorbidities aren't unusual with eating disorders. As for how they are treated, medications aren't unusual either but I think that it's really a conversation for you and the treatment professional.

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Anyone else have thoughts on this issue?


Hello. My son was put on Zoloft for depression about age 16 due to his eating disorder. I was very reluctant for him to take any of these types of medicines, but his counselor insisted it would only help, not hurt. I can't say it's done anything as we still fight this battle (5 years later) and he's still taking it. The dosage has been slightly increased over the years. At this point, we're afraid for him to go off of the drug until we see some improvement. I don't mean to sound discouraging but wanted you to know my experience.


Hi dadsmutt,

First of all, I want to thank you for the post. I completely understand that you and our son may feel frustrated regarding the medicine's impact. I am 20 years old and my eating disorder started when I was 10. I completely understand that it is exhausting having this battle, but please remember that your son never asked to have an eating disorder, and that he has done his best. Maybe you would like to get in contact with a NEDA Navigator?

This link will bring you to information regarding NEDA Navigators. A Navigator can help you find local resources, treatment options, and also provide support for you and your family.

My first suggestion is to consult with your son's physician or eating disorder specialist to determine whether this side of things needs to be addressed. Have you ever thought about switching medications? Without any doubt, a trained psychiatrist needs to be involved in an decisions as well.

The fact that you are using this forum is evidence to how much you love your son. Stay strong!

Hope this helps!