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Looking for materials for extended family

Forgive me if this is a repeat topic. My daughter has been struggling with ED for around 5 years now. She has recently come home from a residential program, which was tops, though insurance didn't cover as long as she would have liked. She has come home with a wonderful set of skills and we are working as a family.
My concern is my extended family. She does not want to see them right now because, though they all seem to know what's going on, they are not informed about what this entails for the sufferer. They make assumptions, want to discuss, and can say some pretty triggering things. I support her decision to wait until she's ready to interact, but I am wondering if there are educational materials for extended family, specifically about triggering dialogue, that I could encourage the family to watch. Anyone know of anything out there? Or anything about giving sufferers space to heal? We could do without the guilt trips when we skip family brunch.

Thanks for any help!

Great question! Here are a

Great question! Here are a couple of resources:

This link has information for friends of those with eating disorders. It has some information on what to say and how to help. It seems like it might be helpful for extended family to look over:

There's also the Parent Toolkit, which provides some more in-depth information if needed. It's not just for parents, but friends and family as well.

Hi OHearain

I am glad to hear that your daughter is doing well. I think you are wise to give her time to continue getting better before she is around situations that she might not be ready for. Good luck.


Hi OHearain!

I am so glad to hear that your daughter has gained some valuable skills to utilize upon returning from treatment! I agree with both what PianoGirl and 2Joy2love have said in regards to your extended family and what kind of dialogue to use in front of your daughter. Other people are not always going to know what to say when speaking to someone who is suffering from an eating disorder, but the NEDA website does offer a lot of great resources for this specific type of situation. I would definitely suggest looking into what PianoGirl posted earlier and let us know how things go with your daughter and your extended family!