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Just looking for advice

My friend has had problems with eating and body image since middle school. We're sophomores now and i recently found out that she started throwing up in 7th grade before we were as close as we are now.

She's going through bulimia now and i'm not sure how to help anymore. She feels so guilty every time it happens and i tell her she doesn't have to apologize to me every time. I do my best not to make her feel guilty and i try to be very positive. She doesn't have regular eating habits which i think contributes to her wanted to purge after eating desserts but she's also had the urge to do it after eating just an apple. She doesn't feel hungry very often (i think bc she's used to not eating very often) but when she does it it's not always very healthy.

She admits that she hasnt told me every time it's happened bc her mom threatened to send her to be hospitalized if it happens too much. I know her mom just doesn't know what else to do but this has caused her to be less open with her mother. I thought i might talk with her mom about it about how we can both help her. I looked up eating disorder centers and support groups around our area but they are all at least 30 minutes away. I was going to call the hospital to see if they know of good places for therapy or support groups but I'm not sure what part of the hospital to call. Also, when it happened today after eating a little cake and ice cream she said she was just doing her hw and it came up by itself. What's some advice you have for me or advice for me to give to her? Anything would help.

Hi again!

Hi kpoms1!! I didn't see this post before your other. So, if you could, please refer to my reply under "Supporting friends in need" where you had also posted!