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Hi. I am concerned about my sister. She is depressed but won't admit it. She is very ill and doesn't sleep more than two hours a night. She is mostly in bed all day every day. She has chronic migraines. She was not acting right yesterday. So I involved my parents. She is upset with me for that and says she has a living will. My dad wants us to call 911 if she passes out. She tells us not to. She is making plans to move to California where my sister lives, within the month. She quizzes me about what I talk to my parents about, and if I shared anything she says. She seems as if she wants to die but she says she is not suicidal. She just can't keep living like this. So she wants to move to California where the weather is more even. She can not take weather changes with her dysautonomia. So it looks like she will be moving very soon. She never felt welcome here and hasn't really been a part of us but if it will help her, then I am all for it.

I am dealing with chronic pancreatitis and am having symptoms again. the wedding is on Saturday and the rehearsal dinner tomorrow. I will be fine with the food but the anxiety of not being able to get away from people for two days is causing me anxiety.

My sister is on the phone now talking about me and how I talked with my father about her telling me not to call them or 911.

Well that's all.


Hi Iwanttolive,
I'm so sorry to hear about what your sister is going through and the stress it has been placing on your family. I can definitely understand your deep concern for her, as you are so incredibly empathetic and compassionate. It seems like the right decision to involve your parents, even if she is temporarily upset- so they can provide additional support & intervention. I hope she is able to move forward in whatever is right for her, if that may include moving to CA.
The wedding is tomorrow! I have major anxiety around feeling unable to have my time separate from people as well, so you are not alone in that. I encourage you to lean into the Lord as He wants to fill us with His peace that surpasses understanding. Do whatever you can for self-care even if it includes getting away from the crowd for several minutes to take a few deep breaths. Will be praying for you this weekend. Keep us posted on how it all goes. You will look so beautiful in your dress! <3