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Just Discharged

Hello everyone,

I just discharged from my first time in an ed treatment facility two weeks ago. I am now back at home after 72 days of structured treatment. I currently have an outpatient team here at home that I attend 4-5 times a week. However, the town that I reside in have absolutely NO support groups. It's a taboo topic and no one here talks about or discusses eating disorders. It's almost as if it's a "joke". How do you remain in recovery when you feel like a fish in a shark tank??? I feel so alone. Trying to follow my meal plan, hold myself accountable, etc.! Does anyone have any suggestions they can offer?

You are stronger than your eating disorder

Unfortunately, there are many places throughout the country where support groups just aren't available. The good news is there are online and phone support groups. Call NEDA tomorrow (9am-5pm, EST) at 1-800-931-2237 or do Click to Chat and they can give you that information.

It sounds like you have a really strong treatment team in place at home and I think that is so encouraging! I know you feel alone, but I promise you are not. I KNOW you can do this. And think - one day you may be in the forefront of bringing awareness to your town.

Come on here to chat anytime you feel alone or if you are struggling. You are so much stronger than ed. He doesn't want you to believe that, but I believe it.

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