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It's time

Hey y'all...
I have been known as the health nut and exercise queen but I secretly suffer with binge eating disorder as well as having urges to try to make myself throw up. I have never told anyone about this problem but I know it's time to find help. I am in constant fear of being 'fat' and it has began to consume my life. I am young and should be confident and happy wearing a bikini and hanging out but I am so self cautious that I make excuses for why I don't want to go to the pool or beach and would rather stay home (where I can binge) I am supposed to be a role model and have been told i am but every time I look In the mirror all I see is disgust and guilt. I have a very strong relationship with God and know that he is with me through this struggle. It's time to reach out. I can no longer lie to myself telling myself I can do this on my own. I need help. I need support. I can do this... One day at a time. Please help me overcome this struggle. No one should have to encounter this trial on there own... Not even the people who the world think are the strongest.

You're so right! I am a

You're so right! I am a sixteen year old girl and an athlete. I am thin, and am often told my body is "perfect." But I struggle with an awful binge/restrict cycle that barely (if at all) allows me to maintain this weight. No one suspects a thing. It can make you feel so alone at times. It's a good thing you reached out to people going through the same types of stuff!

We can conquer this

Exactly!! No one sees behind the fake smile... But it's so hard to deal with not accepting ur body and constantly feeling so guilty!! Sometimes the strongest are the weakest!! I am so happy to find I am not alone! :)

strength in numbers

I'm so glad you're both speaking out!! Reaching out is incredibly healing for not only yourself but also the many others out there who may think they're alone in this! Acknowledging you need help and actively seeking it is the strongest thing you can do. You are both so wise and inspirational! Forums like this, the NEDA Helpline, and family/friends are all great outlets, along with more professional types of help such as therapists or school counselors. You can (and will!) beat this!


People who inspire

Thank u Nan!! It's people like you who give people a reason to believe! I grow stronger everyday!! Life is beautiful you jut have to look past the imperfections! :)

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