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Its Sooo HOT 1st Day Summer, Not Too Hungry

perfect day to drink ice cold beverages non stop and cant get myself unglued from the couch. There is so much to catch up on on my net. It feels really good to be on a break from work for the Hottest months of the year. Im REALLY heat intolerant, cold intolerant too but more heat intolerant. I almost passed out my last week at work carrying a dessert cutter into a room as a favor for the teacher. if I had fallen that would have been quite a mess. Thank God its Summer and I fantasize over getting a nice city office job or telephone intake job or even a mail sorting job thats in a nice air conditioned building but really wish i could work in the city in an office, a tall, fancy office. I even applied as Receptionist in a fancy hotel in the city because it looked like such a beautiful building in such a beautiful city in this FREE country I live in where some people get jobs just out of sheer beauty, or at least over whom they know and Not always of what or how much they know....It kind of depresses me over this fact though too. Im not perfect and I Never said I was entering a Beauty Pageant Either.