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Insomnia vs. Sleeping too much

Whenever I experience difficulties with menstruation or mensuration regularity, I bounce between falling asleep and insomnia. I wondered why it bounces between the two and what that means exactly? It seems like I tend to fall asleep more in the early stages and initial loss, and then the insomnia occurs towards the end the month, when I used to experience a more regular period. I think the insomnia might be the worse part, as opposed to over-sleeping. I can't get my head on straight.


Hi. I really know nothing about periods, cycles and sleep patterns. I would recommend seeing a gynecologist. It may be hormonal. Otherwise I do not know what to say except I am glad you posted and are asking questions. I hope you keep posting and getting support. I am sorry I am not able to be more helpful. I wish you the best. iwanttolive