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Im worried about my friend

My friend told me today that when she drinks she can't control her food intake and that she eats until she will eventually throw up. I think this is an eating disorder behavior and I am certainly worried.

I am currently recovering from an eating disorder and I want to help her, but I don't know how to do without offending her and triggering myself. I do want to tell her the dangers of purging.

(She is only 18..!!)

Hey likewater. Sorry to hear

Hey likewater. Sorry to hear your friend is having this issue. But I am glad to hear you're concerned with her well being. I think your insticts are right. You want to broach the subject and get her help without pushing her away and without doing harm to yourself.
I think it depends on a few things. Number one: are you in a place right now that you can talk about EDs without becoming triggered yourself. If the answer is no then it might be a good idea to think of a slightly more roundabout way to get her help - maybe involving someone else.
Secondly, as you probably already know, EDs can be a very touchy subject for some people. Your friend's circumstances are unique in that this only happens when she's drunk. How often do you drink with her? And do you think you can get other people involved in addressing this. That may be the way to go about things.

Hope that helps a little.

- Adage


So I would try to make sure you are ok first because can not help others if you are not ok, drinking plays some role in this behaviour as it's not always ed but part of it all as a whole co existent behaviours.

I used to drink and i know how it is hard to be healthy when drinking i would suggest you confide in a trusted adult such as a doctor or therapist or family etc in order how to handle it without getting yourself triggered and yes ed's are really touchy but for the persons best interest you need to take some action before it gets way out of hand .

Your friend could really do harm to herself in this way that is why you need a trusted adult to confide in someone who can be objective and not be emotionally tied to the person,i admire you wanting to help your friend but have to look out for you as well so you dont go down a big spiral yourself.

I feel your frustration with it all sometimes we need to step back and breathe and let someone else help even if your friend might be angry and it will blow over eventually just gve it time and tell her you care very much for her and offer her some resources such online forums or places she could go to get help.

Checking In

Hey Likewater! How have things been going since you posted, both with your friend, and also with your own recovery?

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