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If my periods are still 40-50 days apart at best, would that explain hormonal problems?

I've been at the breaking point with my ED once or twice, but I have maintained a sort of consistent, slightly-to-almost underweight type category. I had started getting my period again, but it has proved more and more inconsistent time-wise. It is impossible to predict if and for how long it will occur. I have been experiencing some pretty extreme insomnia that occurs around when I used to get my periods, before the irregularities increased. I am inclined to think this is some sort of bodily protective mechanism, to stop me from burning off more calories, so my period will start. It is tricky to define my recovery because I still measure and control everything. I am wondering if this is still affecting me, in terms of hormones, energy, soreness, etc. Could I still experience hormonal issues with this kind of inconsistency in menstruation? I have been a bit worse since I moved, but it is hard to classify, since I don't check my weight anymore.