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I Work a 9 hr Shift @ the Mall Today

So with that in mind I also have a problem w/ low energy sometimes. I just had my morning cup of Jo and now have gotta go.

But thinking about this long , longer than usual shift at my retail store today, just gives me the shivers, and anxiety.

I hate when I suffer from low energy and my only salvation iod Tylenol w/ caffeine, a morning dose of my caffeine, and a lean TV dinner and then a snack a few hrs later.

I am just about to check on when my scheduled lunch is so I may know ahead of time and not feel so uninformed as to how my energy pace will be for the long 9 Hr day shift ahead of me today.

Still having weird dreams of lines of customers standing before me, its weird....

God please help me to not feel extra hungry when I get home, but have a small snack and R and R and then chill out for my evening before another shift tomorrow.


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