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I want to keep trying

I'm worried I ate too much food again! I guess I'll find out when I step on the scale tomorrow morning. I just wish this wasn't so up and down. I feel like once I get to a certain weight then I'll be able to stop and start eating normal again. It just seems it's taking me loner than I wanted to be to this magic number. So I guess I'll keep trying while trying not to listen to ED in process.


Hey, love. Are you sure that stepping on the scale tomorrow would be the best decision for your recovery? From what you've posted it sounds like it might be an ED-fueled behavior.

I encourage you to really sit down with your thoughts (preferably with a journal or something similar) and try to discriminate the disordered intentions and triggers from the recovery-focused ones. Recovery is scary, but it's what is going to keep you happily and healthfully alive, in the long run. It's [more than] okay to eat, and it's [more than] okay to gain weight, if that's what your recovery calls for.

I'm not sure if you've gotten in touch with the NEDA Navigators yet, but if you have not, here's their page: Don't hesitate to involve a NEDA Navigator in your recovery efforts.

Keep up the strength! <3
Anna Naomi

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