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I have an ED and Im worried my friend is developing one too

I have an eating disorder and yesterday I let my softball team know what I was going through. One of my close friends came up to me afterwards and told me that there was another girl on the team that wanted to talk to me because she hadn't been eating and was worried for herself. I feel like it is my responsibility to not let this happen to anyone else and I feel like I need to talk to her but I am not sure the right way to approach it.

That was very brave of you to

That was very brave of you to let others know what you are going through, and so so nice of you to want to help this other girl. Just remember that it isn't your responsibility to help her. Communicating with someone who has an ED while you are also struggling with one can be very tricky. You run the risk of triggering eachother and hindering your own progress. Maybe you could talk to her and suggest that she tells her parents or another trusted adult. Let her know that the best thing to do is to get help, and that you support her.