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I had a DAY OFF from Both jobs Today, and Free Time feels so Good

I was able to do some many chores around the house, and the housework is 1 job i could not Avoid today.

Then i made a meal and then went to my local grocery store. I chopped down the cherry bush in front of my house. I felt so relieved that the damn thorn bush was no longer blocking my view from the front porch.

This felt like a safety issue for me, and I dealt with my issue straight on. i feel really good that i did not have to rely on my local gardener today because i had time to do stuff myself today...

I have been doing really well in eating healthy meals, esp at work. I have more energy when i need it most from eating well too.

I must make it a habit to remember to drink more water though.I must find time to return to my daily walk.

I was ill with congestion for almost 3 weeks. Now i feel better and congestion almost all gone and i feel well enough to return to my daily walks again.

It just makes me feel better physically and regulates my blood pressure as well as blood sugar and water levels too.

My natural remedy to combat bloating from eating more healthy meals, and doing it LIKE more consistently too.

My Period almost skipped another month, but after eating more,and working out around the house, my period finally was restored. I finally had my period, after being delayed by 6 to 8 weeks or So?

However when i was ill and could not exercise for 3 weeks i gained some weight and part of me feels like i am a bad student who had stopped doing their Homework.

Not exercising, in my case, .... like the bad student who becomes lazy in not doing his homework, my body while being at rest, made me feel lazy.

Like, i caused my body to regain weight from avoiding my homework of Not exercising nightly, after work.

I feel really guilty over this illness induced Apathy, and weight gain..... and feel like I must make up for my lack of exercise routine while ill.

I have begun to walk again at the mall, before my 2nd job. This is making me feel somewhat empowered over my weight gain.

i must remain focused or this weight gain is going to make me feel depressed, and then apathy will sink in, and then everything will get worse.

I dont feel this is a relapse, but this is just kind of a pre-relapse. I feel that i must take control of it.

I must do what i know i must do to restore my body to a higher level of functioning, and eliminate the apathetic state it was in, while ill.

Whatever it takes, RIGHT???

Oh, i threw up after eating too much food at lunch today. Before i was even in touch with my body in feeling too full, my body just went into auto drive and it felt like i was purging. I purged after a meal, But i didn't purge my lunch intentionally.

Why, I wasn't even thinking of purging, and it all happened so FAST, that i felt like, "the devil made me do it?" Oh well, too much time to myself i suppose???

Oh well, Perhaps i was just too excited about chopping down the cherry tree, before i FINALLY ate lunch???


I'm sorry that you are having a hard time. I hope you will be ok soon. Hugs.