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I’m still recovering but I think my sister has an ED

I’m still recovering from an ED. I’m at a healthy weight now. My younger sister however seems to be losing weight, and has been exercising a lot more, and I’m paralysed with fear all the time because this is how my ED started. No one else seems that bothered on my family because I don’t think they know how long I suffered before I was visibly and physically unwell. I don’t know how to help her without seeming obsessive or controlling, or if she has a problem at all. Is there actually anything I can do? I know how much of an impact on her I must have had, and I really don’t want her to suffer as much as I did.

Hi phodge11

It's so great to hear that your recovery has been going well. It can be super scary to watch a loved one go through something similar and not know how to help. Have you tried talking to your sister about it? Also, maybe you can talk to your parents and be very honest with them. Let them know that what is going on with your sister is similar to the start of your ED. I'm sure your parents and you have some great resources, so maybe those resources will be beneficial for your sister as well. Good luck and I hope that helped!!

If she's still in HS you could leave a message for her counselor

Or mail a letter to the counseling dept to make sure it stays confidential at her school and let someone in charge there know that you are feeling concerned for her well being?

Good luck. If she's older then that, then the same might be true for the college counseling dept. Otherwise just pray for her I suppose?


Hi Phodge-
Just wanted to check in with you and see how your sister is doing? And how you have been doing in your recovery? I can imagine it must be bringing up a lot of complex emotions to see what you perceive could be your sister slipping back into similar behaviors. It's so hard. Just wanted you to know that you always have support here through the forums <3 Thinking of you!